• Laurie Scott

How to catch up on 4 years?

I don't think there is a quick way to do that. So, you will just have to bear with me and jump in the middle and hope to catch up along the way. White Falcon just turned 6 years old. I have been following him on the track since he was a 2 year old. I knew the first time I saw him, he was my horse. No, I can not explain that! There are just certain things that I know. He communicates very clearly and so does the universe (sometimes).

I am still in touch with his previous owner. She is a dedicated race-horse owner who represents the best of racing. She acquired White Falcon from the Barrett's two year old in training sale in southern CA. She has owned him throughout his racing career. There is a beautiful story of how she named him on the White Falcon page of the Website.

In conversations with her about this horse, she did tell me that he had a huge personality. NOT an understatement. He is opinionated, sweet, quirky, sensitive, delicate, lazy and a firecracker! After witnessing the later, my veterinarian will not believe that he is capable of being any of the former. I, personally, have never witnessed a horse having this kind of a melt-down temper tantrum. On Friday, a client and I took her horse to see the vet. I took Falcon along because he was body sore and it concerned me. After balking at getting in the trailer, it seems he took offence at being made to get in with a whip, (NOTHING ABUSIVE). He pawed angrily in the trailer the whole way to the clinic. Once there and in a stall, he threw his body repeatedly against the wall. I don't have video, but he did the best-ever imitation of an Arabian Horse racking in the round-pen. All my vet could say was his brain had left the building, lol. He was still mad when we got home.


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