When it comes to Dressage, Laurie’s training is very classical. Riders must have a proper position to work from so their movements become cues for the horse to respond to, instead of noise for the horse to ignore. She has dedicated much time to studying anatomy and physiology of humans and horses. This knowledge gives her a strong working understanding of Bio-Mechanics. She teaches riders to be quiet and empathetic. Her philosophy about riding Dressage is pragmatic. Although not opposed to participating in shows, her goal in doing dressage is to make the horses responsive, balanced, and more comfortable to ride. This type of training transfers well to any discipline. Whether you need a more adjustable stride when jumping or lateral work to make your horse move straighter.


Having a Racing and  Eventing background, jump training is also based on correct position stressing balance. It is from this education that Laurie is able to make sure all her students are prepared to face fences, whether cross poles or cross-country.

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 Laurie Scott (707) 529-5759 ~ lscott@lauriescott.net ~ Two Rock, Petaluma, CA  94952