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Board is available with Training and/or Lesson Packages. Pasture is preferred for most horses, whether solo or group turn out. It is a more natural way for them to live, therefore they are usually happier and healthier. When other arrangements need to be made, there are 12 x 12 stalls with 12 x 12 runs. Horses are fed high quality Alfalfa, Oat Hay and/or Grass Hay depending on availability and needs. Horses are given plenty of forage as there is nothing worse than a bored horse. There is almost always someone on site, that is knowledgeable and qualified to look after and handle the horses if necessary.

Fee Schedule

Lessons & Training Sessions

Dressage or Jumping

1 hour private $80

Cancellation policy: 24 hour notice required or time will be charged at full rate

Monthly Training or Lesson Packages

once per week $350

twice per week $650

full training* $1200

* Available only when horses are boarded at The Paddock Club Training Centre

Board at The Paddock Club $600 per month.

Board & Training Daily Rate $60

Monthly fees are due on the first day of the month in which the services are to be rendered.

Monthly packages are based on yearly averages.Make-up sessions available when schedules allow, 

not to be credited toward the next months fees. No refunds.

Communication is the key to successful relationships. If you have questions or concerns regarding your horse, training methods, or fees, please let me know.

-Laurie Scott-


 Laurie Scott (707) 529-5759 ~ ~ Two Rock, Petaluma, CA  94952

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